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Jarek Luk, Gong Sound Bath

My relationship with music started at a very young age. I was fascinated with sound. My father was the director of an orchestra so I was inspired by many different instruments and started to learn how to play them. But rather than becoming a musician it's clear that my life had other plans for me. 

I started to DJ and organize all different kinds of events. After a few years of being an active DJ and looking for inspiration in various types of music, I started to notice and feel the energetic differences in the clubbing scene, open air events and private parties. This realization was fascinating to me.

Where was this energy shift coming from? What was the reason for this difference? Somehow intuitively I started to meditate and look within to answer this question.

Meditation led me to the realization that the club scene had energy characteristics that no longer served me. Vibrations, that despite the high visible energy, ultimately could have the opposite effect. I then started to ask for guidance on how I could help people increase their vibrations. I wanted to do more. I felt the need to do something that would not only make me feel fulfilled but also help other people. 

My first step was soul cleansing, as I intuitively understood that I needed to let go and release in order to be able to create and expand mindfulness in myself and others. Life brought me on the course to seek guidance with psychics, bio energy healers, shamans and homeopathic medicine.

This journey lasted for a few years. Within that time my life completely changed. My surroundings and people around me had altered and seemingly adjusted to my new reality. Despite the many difficulties and obstacles I faced - I continued listening to my intuition, my inner being and persisted with the soul cleansing process.

One day at a ceremony I was introduced to a gong and crystal singing bowl. When I heard the sound and felt the vibrations.... it all became crystal clear to me. I knew this would be my new path in life. With every hit of the gong I could feel my whole body being filled with Divine Light and Higher Vibrations. My search had then ended. I knew this was my purpose and path. To play the gongs and singing bowls and bring the healing therapy and vibrations to others. To share this gift with people.

Since I have been on this journey, every day has been a unique blessing. When I approach the gongs and start to play I begin with a meditation. I ask the universe to fill all the people I am playing for with all the Divine Love and Energy they need and require. Thanks to this practice I can feel the energy running through me. My intuition and Divine guidance enters my heart and directs my hands which ultimately makes every session different and unique. And that's all due to the combined energy and vibrations of all participants, vibrations of these amazing instruments, the Forces within and above. Every session reminds me of how grateful I am to be on this path and am happy to include all on this unique and divine journey. 

Continuing to follow my spiritual path I became Reiki certified which enables me to channel additional healing energy in everything I do.

Anchor GONGS


Sound Healing Gongs, Singing Bowls, Crysal Pyramids

The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation.

As early as 4,000 B.C., throughout human history in various cultures, gongs have been used as ritual, ceremonial & sacred instruments. Ancient alchemy sources put the gong as far out as 16,000 B.C. The physical sound vibration of the gong provides a powerful vehicle for meditation & transformation.

From a sacred geometry viewpoint, a circle – the gong’s basic shape – represents a beginning that has no end. It connects us to an ever-expanding potential & represents our connection with the true nature of oneness.

Throughout many traditions & cultures, it also stands as symbol for heaven, totality, perfection, unity, eternity & for inclusive harmony.

Gongs are considered to be a good luck charm. Touching a gong is believed to bring a person happiness, good health, and strength. In India it is believed that the sound of a gong created the worlds, and was the primal sound of OM.

The Gong produces a strong sound wave, almost tangible to the touch.

This invigorates the physical body by influencing the surface of the skin and every cell.

On a physical level, the gong releases tension and blocks in the body.

It stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system. This increases prana which is our vital life force and improves circulation.

The sound of a live gong activates circulation. The gongs wide range of frequencies trigger restoration of nerve endings and may prove useful in recovering from injuries in which nerve damage has occurred.

As physical distress and illness often have an emotional and stress related component as well, the gong affects the physical health by working in these areas also.

The gong also works deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

The gong purifies and quiets the mind. It clears the clutter from the subconscious mind to reveal the radiant and authentic self. 

The gong has the capacity to bring us to our neutral mind that is wise and nonjudgmental.  It helps turn the mind to zero, a state of stillness where innate wisdom can be accessed.

The secret of the gong is its tremendous potential for healing and rejuvenation.

The gong covers the full spectrum of sound. It vibrates all the cells, bones and organs, some more than others, depending upon the pitch of the gong. You hear and feel an influx of energy coming from it in your body.

The gong is more accurately a force of energy, affecting the body’s meridians and chakras.

During profound peaceful states of the mind, which are typically achieved during meditative phases, the body’s natural healing process is profoundly supported.

The sound and resulting vibrations generated by the gongs and Himalayan singing bowls stimulate the theta brain frequencies that are commonly associated with deeper states of meditation.

Heart and respiratory rates slow down, creating a favorable healing effect upon the body’s entire system.

During a gong session stress is being released and a restoration of the body’s natural equilibrium is made possible.​

Anchor BOWLS


Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls are made of clear quartz crystal.

The energy of crystal quartz is clearing & energizing.

Clear quartz heals by clearing out blocked energy that is stuck in a person's energetic structure. Quartz "loosens" up stagnant energy so that it can rejoin the energy flow.

Clear quartz also energizes. It provides a strong & clear channel for energy to come in & leave a person's energetic structure.

Each bowl is a different color, the color of each chakra. Color is a wave, just like sound vibration. Each color has a different frequency. Red – Root Chakra; Orange – Sacral Chakra; Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra; Green – Heart Chakra; Blue – Throat Chakra; Indigo – Third Eye Chakra; Violet – Crown Chakra. (see diagram below)

The bowls are tuned to specific musical notes which correspond to the chakras, when a bowl attuned to a chakra is played it works to balance that chakra & remove stagnant energy from that chakra. Crystal singing bowls are one of the most powerful chakra balancing tools available because of this.

Anchor benefits


- Affects all cells in your body. 
- Balances both hemispheres of the brain. 
- Changes our old patterns of behaviour, habits and way of thinking that no longer serve us and are harmful to our health.
- Cleanses negative energy and emotions.
- Enables connecting with your higher self. 
- Deep relaxation.
- Helps with recovery after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments. 
- Helps coping with life's challenges.​​​
- Improves sleep.

- Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation.
- Makes positive changes to our whole being.
- Removes blockages and toxins.
- Self-regeneration. 
- Soothes, purifies and harmonises your emotions and feelings.
- Stimulates circulation. 
- Revives endocrine glands and regulates hormonal functioning.
- Strengthens the immune system. 
- Stress reduction.​ 

And more...

Is it safe ?

Sound baths are recommended for everyone and have been used for many centuries as therapy and a natural form of relaxation.

Gong Baths are a great tool to assist in medical treatments and one should not discontinue any medicine and medical treatment without permission from their doctor.


Sound healing sessions are not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the unstable nature of the first 12 weeks of gestation.


Certain medical conditions are also sound sensitive such as Tinnitus, Epilepsy and Menieres. The rhythm of pacemakers as well as metal implants, pins and screws may also be affected by the sound vibrations.

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